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Every casino wants their share of good players. Every player wants their share of good time.

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Required reading at the Cornell and New york University Schools of Hospitality

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About ISC

The world’s best gaming resort cities are spending millions of dollars each year building  out-marketing campaigns in order to capture their share of the pie. Each property wants their share of good players; each player wants their share of a good time. That’s why you need a company like ISC Consulting. The ‘Dealer and Pitboss’ era has shifted. The person who holds the cards now is the Casino Host. The Casino Host is the opener and the closer and can literally make or break casino revenue.

ISC Formula

With a unique business model that understands the new casino environment, ISC Consulting is a network of independent high roller hosts. We pair players with properties all around the world. It’s a strategic partnership set up to nurture long-term relationships between casinos and customers linked together by the integral ingredient — the Casino Host.

Our success can be defined by unparalleled and far-reaching relationships. ISC Consulting’s circle of influence is virtually anyone who makes the town tick. Gamblers know that they can win or lose money in any casino but what makes the difference is their experience along the way. ISC Consulting and their hosts have the character and the connections to create the most memorable, exciting and unique experiences you can imagine. 

ISC Client and Casino

Our clients are progressive casino owners who value casino marketing and strong play levels above all else. They put their confidence in ISC Consulting because of the company’s ability to bring in high rollers.

ISC Consulting looks at the needs of a casino and the desires of a particular gambler and makes a custom fit. Steve Cyr’s motto is “I Want Winners! ISC Consulting clients are risk takers.”

Steve has been known to promise a new casino client a million dollar player his first day on the job. He delivers. Casinos employ ISC Consulting through a number of ways: on retainer, on commission, as consultants, motivational speakers or to simply light the fire in their casino marketing department.

Who Is The ISC Customer? 

Players want to have a good time. They want flexibility. They want freedom. They want the best bang for their buck. High Rollers will follow good casino hosts. ISC customers range from well-known celebrity gamblers,  including Michael Jordan and Larry Flynt to the most private whales in the world.

Bottom line: the profile of an H-Six customer is a very serious gambler. What distinguishes an ISC Consulting customer is not how much they’ll win in a casino but how much they are willing to risk. ISC Consulting’s top ten players have an average bet of $60,000 a hand.

Our Team

Steve Cyr

Steve Cyr’s voyage to SIN CITY reads like a fairytale.  Not your typical fairytale, but a fairytale nonetheless…. Steve Cyr was a country boy.  Born and raised in Salina, Kansas, a small town a world apart from the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, Nevada, Steve enjoyed a modest upbringing.  The son of a Howard Johnson Hotel operator, he always planned on taking over the family business and made no secret of it!  Steve regularly worked at the Howard Johnson and prided himself on delivering the highest levels of customer service.  At the age of 16, at the prompting of a family friend, he decided he…
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Rich Baldwin

Rich grew up in a suburb of Salt Lake City, attended college at The University of Utah, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the business school. He entered the insurance business right after graduation and cut his teeth working for a national life insurance company. Being the first in his family to work in the industry, he didn’t have the networks that many of his peers enjoyed, so he hustled and hustled to build his own network and create his own referrals. As a result, Rich’s network of contacts, former clients, friends, and business associates is incredibly extensive and…
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