Rich Baldwin

Rich grew up in a suburb of Salt Lake City, attended college at The University of Utah, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree from the business school. He entered the insurance business right after graduation and cut his teeth working for a national life insurance company. Being the first in his family to work in the industry, he didn’t have the networks that many of his peers enjoyed, so he hustled and hustled to build his own network and create his own referrals. As a result, Rich’s network of contacts, former clients, friends, and business associates is incredibly extensive and literally spans the globe.

While Rich was hustling to build his book of business, he also learned an extremely valuable lesson about successful people; they’re usually very willing to mentor and help others, most of the time you just need to ask. And ask (and learn), he did. By the time Rich finished his sixth year in insurance, he qualified for the Top of the Table of the Million Dollar Round Table – the industry’s premier production-based organization; he was 28 years old and one of only ten producers under 30 to qualify for Top of the Table. Rich maintained ToT production levels, some years many times over, every year he was active in the industry.

Eventually, Rich and a partner attracted the attention of a public company in NYC in late 2007 and made a bid for his independent brokerage operation in early 2008. Rich exited and his partner stayed for an attractive earn-out. The following year he jumped into the bank card processing and merchant services business with a college friend who rolled the new platform into his existing restaurant Point of Sale system sales business. It was immediately profitable, and he exited in 2012.

Since then, Rich has stayed busy with consulting engagements in both the insurance world and in data analytics and brokerage and gaming/hospitality – focusing on entity structure and financials.