Las Vegas Life

Ask any casino executive for an opinion on Steve Cyr, and the refrain likely will be the same: “He’s a pain in the ass.”

But he’s an effective pain in the ass, which is why those same casino executives love it when Cyr shows up on their doorstep — that is, assuming he’s bringing in a high-roller, not taking one out. “I’m a hired gun who gets paid to bring in people who gamble, ” Cyr says. “Real gamblers. Risk takers.”

The 38-year-old has worked in the past for Caesars and the Las Vegas Hilton, but now operates his own casino-hosting business (called H-SIX) for wealthy clients that include Larry Flynt and Michael Jordan. “I’m one-stop-shopping for players,” says Cyr, who’ll never be accused of lacking self-confidence. “I get them in, I get them what they want, I take them on trips, get them cars, concert tickets, Super Bowl. I know the names of their wives and what turns them on. I’m that good.”

As a host, it’s Cyr’s job to round up loose-pocketed players, the kind of whales whose average bet hovers in the $10,000 neighborhood, and then he shops them to local casinos. How does he dig up his clients? “I travel, I go to parties to meet players. I’m a hustler. I’ll wait outside your door if I have to.” Once he nabs someone, he secures them the cushiest deals, comps, airfare, you name it. “I got one player 50,000 in cash just to walk in the door.” Cyr’s take depends on various factors, including how much a whale is willing to risk, but, for example, he can make up to $50,000 on a million -dollar bettor. “I can affect the casino’s bottom line,” Cyr boasts. “The days of the pit boss are gone. Today, it’s all about the host. I’m the one getting the players in there.”

Or taking them out. Cyr has been eighty-sixed from more than one casino for trying to harpoon a casino’s whale and relocate him to another property — a maneuver he doesn’t apologize for. “Hey, that’s a compliment!” he says of getting bounced. “They’re afraid of me. The best host wins.”

These days, Cyr is expanding his shopping market. He’s not only greasing the out-of-towners, he’s looking for local high-rollers. “There are a lot of whales [in Las Vegas], guys who are going out on a Saturday night and losing 50 grand.

That’s going to be my niche soon. I’m looking for those players.”

We bet he finds them. Cyr can be reached at 702-591-4896.