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I read all the information possible about Steve Cyr and, quite frankly, I at first felt a little put off. Here’s a guy whose sole purpose or job is bringing high rollers to Las Vegas, as a junket runner or independent rep or host for the casinos. Steve introduces clients or gamblers to the casinos in exchange for a percentage of their losses.

Pure and simple, he is a whale hunter. A whale is a gambler who bets huge sums of money in a casino. They may bet up to 100,000 dollars a hand in games like blackjack and baccarat.

Steve invites celebrities as well to casinos and says generally, they are a pain in the ass. Steve is direct about what he says about people. He has a large ego about his work but not as big as it could be. To be honest, I have met thousands of people in Las Vegas and know hundreds who have bigger egos than Steve with what they do in Las Vegas.

Okay, men are embellishers, right? We all add a little sunshine to what we do in our lives. It doesn’t matter if we are “sanitation engineers” or “writers” for Action! Magazine. We all represent ourselves with that little pinch or seasoning to maybe stand a little taller. I call it “sunshine”.

Steve’s life is fun and exciting and sometimes dangerous. I felt a kindred spirit to him, especially after I met his wife Tanya. He is a family man and a responsible citizen and he cares about the environment and animals, as do most of my good friends. Tanya and Steve are like my wife and myself…very busy being part of the huge dynamic world of Las Vegas. However, there is a dark side to what Steve does. He is forging an existence with the calamitous relatio nship to gambling.Yes, this is the harried behavior disorder that brings excitement to many of our lives. There is a physical high to being in action. I know even a simple game of golf is a lot more fun when wagering with friends. Without Action!, there is nothing for people like us. Looking at it again… actually without action… nothing happens. Thoughts men nothing without performing. Steve… is forever moving in the world of Las Vegas action. Power meetings, fun events and always the exciting world of gambling.

While I was very busy during the day with the million aspects of running Action! Magazine, I met with Steve and two huge millionaires, Montel Williams and Tanya.

Steve watches the players he hosts gamble, and tends to their every need. From exotic booze to exotic women, I guess he is a part time pimp. I have always felt pimps were the dredges of society, but I don’t feel this way about Steve. He doesn’t really take advantage of anyone, he is a super host and he knows his job. (Steve is joining forces with Action! Magazine to help Montel Williams’ new foundation for Multiple Sclerosis.)

Sometimes it can be hard to walk a fine line as a family man with some of the clients you have to associate with. Steve does this and has a memory like a billion gigabyte computer when it comes to his clients. He has been a host for everyone from Michael Jordan, to me. You don’t have to have a million dollar credit line either; you can be a contractor with a penchant for dollar slots, to get to know Steve.

Yes, he does get a high roller anything, and I mean anything they may want, but sometimes this can lead to dan- gerous predicaments. Steve has had high rollers threaten his life. In the next three issues, we will bring you up close and personal with Steve and his associations.

He is not shy and will discuss everything with us. Check out his book “Whale Hunt in the Desert”, available through Huntington Press.